Inspection application for Real Estate
increase the efficiency of the inspection as well as showing the status of the projects for executive
Inspection application for the home, condominium, and townhome
Easy, fast, and ready to use application


REM Smart Inspector is an e-Business Platform with a mobile application for Real Estate REM Smart Inspector has 2 parts which are

Contractors Inspection

Customers Inspection

Increase the efficiency of the inspection as well as showing the status of the projects for executive

Able to use on

Schedule appointments for customers and contractors

Take pictures of the problems and send the report immediately

Identify the problem in the room plan

Check or print the document instantly of the status summarize of each unit

Submit inspection report and print out documents for customers immediately

View summary of unit inspection and unit status in real-time via Mobile Application and Web Application

Without REM Smart Inspector

When inspector use defect checklist on paper they find complication, time-wasted working on making a report, and difficult to see project overview report. More units, more time wasted using paperwork.

With REM Smart Inspector

Home, condominium, townhome inspection system for real estate business.

Reduce working time

Reduce costs

Close jobs faster

Able to check contractor performance

Reduce the problem of backlog

Reduce Complain from customers

Able to work systematically

Able to enhance future projects

More interesting Platform for Real estate

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REM Smart Inspector is Professional Solution that provide Ready-To-Use from start up with our template solution. Without the experience users, our solution still work with all kind of customers.

Cloud Support

Support usage both On-Premise and On-Cloud to customer based on professional SLA of REM Smart Inspector professional services.

Ease of Use & Time To Market

REM Smart Inspector is very flexible and allows customer to adjust own screen and report easily. Our customer can live our system to support own business processes within 1 week.


Leverage all communication with all users and customer with SMS, Email, Online, Call Center and Mobile Application.

No Software

No other software investment that you have to more invest when you use our system. REM Smart Inspector provides you with lower Total Cost of Ownership when compare with other competitors.


We have consulting services which enhance all angle of business driven by Insights domain knowledge Marketing, Sales, Services and Executive support.


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