What is Service Insights?

MOAI-CRM is a package of Customer Relationship Management software which has a long experience and has a large number of customers. You can be confident in our Insights Process that will support you to check the status, track and manage the service team in real-time, facilitate, reduce time and increase management efficiency.

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Is this a problem you encountered in the service?

Our Insights can fix all your problems.

Traceability throughout the system. End the problem precisely.

Receive inquiries and follow up on one app in Real-Time.

A complete solution for the service job. Invest and able to use immediately.

Track real-time service summary
Follow the service team systematically on the Cloud system. Summarize the results and trace back to the problem that occurred on the site also every process of service. With a professional team providing advice.
Manage data systematically on the Mobile App.
Manage customer information with Process Insights, including Job Management, Check List, Defect, Spare part. Remarkably manage service team appointments with work notifications.

Plan and manage appointments

Help your service team easily arrange appointments daily. Fast on one app with the notification system.

Pin location

Service team click to send the position Check in upon arrival at customer office. Able to check the working status all times.

Browse the report immediately

Collect all service data in one place. Convenient, fast, able to track problems on report and graphs.


MOAI-CRM works on a cloud that helps the technician and service team able to work anywhere and anytime.

Systematically manage service job

Build an orderly system on a single app that has clear Process Insights with a professional team to advise.

Invest and able to use immediately

Invest and able to use immediately, fast installation and Insights that help you to manage business services with confidence.

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