What is Sales Insights?

MOAI-CRM is a package of Customer Relationship Management software which has a long experience and has a large number of customers. You can be confident in our Insights Process that will support you to check the status, track the sales team in real-time, increase sales opportunities. And professionally build a good sales process. Leverage the business to grow with confidence with us.

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Is this a problem you encounter with sales jobs?

Our insights can fix all your problems

Invest and able to use immediately. Expand the sales team instantly as you wish.

Follow the sales team and request a report via the app in real-time

Leverage management from Insights Process through Best Practice Template.

We have Insights to design customer management flow.
Insights Process that advises and understanding of business expansion. Get involved in designing the customer management process with Practice Template and creating new sales opportunities.
Manage data systematically on the Mobile App.
With Process Insights including Sales Plan, Sales Visit, Sales Leaderboard, including complete sales data set etc.
Track real-time sales summary.
Monitor all teams and sales in real-time, with data, graphs and reports to successfully track problems and progress. Create sales opportunities for your business.

Plan and manage appointments

Help your sales team easily arrange appointments daily. Fast on one app with the notification system

Pin location

Sales staff click to send the position Check in upon arrival at customer office. Able to check the working status all times


Collect all customer data in one place on Cloud. Convenient, fast, helping you analyze data. Strategic adjustment promptly

Manage relationship building systems

Not just systematically managing customer data but also creating sales opportunities to maintain effective relationships with customers

Check the products ready for sale.

Sales staff can check product information on-site through the app. Can inform the price and solve problems for customers

Growing by leaps and bounds with project sales

Efficient process of project sales. Gather all opportunities from an influencer that help to close the sale

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